The Future Is Up To You

It's been over 20 years since the Gleeks graduated high-school and somehow they've all ended up in New York City. Have they reached the lofty dreams they were all reaching for back in their teens and more importantly have they remembered their old friends?!

All of their offspring are either attending or have graduated from the prestigious Franklin Delano Roosevelt Academy in the city but they don't realise some of their classmates parents know their own. Question is how much do these respective children resemble the parents who attended WMHS so long ago? Will their kids make the same mistakes, go through the same trials as they did? Friendships can be made and broken in the blink of an eye, secrets can be made and kept and alliances are formed.

Admin: Clay Puckerman (E) - On hiatus
Co-Admin: Kurt Hummel (F)
Co-Admin: Blaine Anderson (C)

Please know that 14 is the youngest age a playable character can be.
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theme base: Stupefys


Mercedes Jones
Hunter Jones | 19 [Corbin Bleu]
Alexis Jones | 14 [Amandla Stenberg]
Richie Jones | 14 [Jaden Smith] 

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